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How the nation's largest mutual life insurers - MetLife, New York Life, Principal Mutual and others - attempted to make off with $100 billion of policyholders' money by creating 'Mutual Holding Companies.' And how they were stopped. David Schiff Insurance Blog
Seven years of bearishness! Read the skeptical coverage and searing exposés that infuriated the biggest insurance organization of them all.
After a decade of asset shuffles and undisclosed transactions, Allied Group has siphoned $1.5 billion of value from its affiliate, Allied Mutual. Stating in 1997, Schiff's published a series of articles that lead to a historic settlement. State Farm is by far the largest insurance company in America, but it didn't get that way by being exciting. An in-depth look at the company from its modest inception to the present. A compilation of some of our dazzling essays and highly idiosyncratic thoughts about the art and science of investing in the business of risk. Read on to find out why we were bearish near tops and bullish near bottoms. Observations about uncovering value and avoiding loss.