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Here are a number of links that are useful or important. For starters, anyone with a keen interest in insurance should subscribe to Auto Insurance Report and The Insurance Forum. Both are indispensible.

Dick Stewart of Stewart Economics is a deep thinker about the insurance industry and his website contains thought-provoking monographs written over the years. Grant's Interest Rate Observer contains the best financial writing bar none.

If you own life insurance or are thinking about buying some, it would be worth your while to speak to Glenn Daily, a fee-only consultant. His quirky website has a plenty of worthwhile reading.

We don't care for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' effort to keep insurance companies' statutory statements under wraps. That said, their unfriendly "Consumer Information Source" does provide access to insurance company financial information and statutory reports.

Schiff's has had a longstanding interest in mutual insurance companies, and we've included several links here. "The Feeling's Not Mutual," a groundbreaking 1998 report by the N.Y. State Assembly's Insurance Committee, helped put an end to mutual life insurance companies' efforts enact abusive "mutual holding company" legislation. It's a great story.